Snowshoe memories from November 2010 through April 2012

Ever since I started down this road to outliving cancer, I’ve been living life more fully.  18 months ago, I decided that the fulfillment I was enjoying hiking in the wilderness wasn’t going to end with the onset of winter.  Equipped with Yak Traks and snowshoes, I started exploring throughout the winter.  Urged by an enthusiastic conspirator, Gary Myers, this entry chronicles 18 months of snowscape escapes.  Accompanied by Gary, and occasionally my children, I’ve become more daring in my ascents, often going solo so I could push myself to alpine crests before dawn.  In between were many hikes at lower elevations and in warmer climes, as well as family trips to the seaside, desert, and mountains–car touring, timesharing, and backpacking–from the western states to the Yucatan Peninsula.

During this time, I have recovered from two rounds of cancer excisions in my neck and palette, and have done a lot of therapy and cleansing to boost my immune system and eliminate my proclivity to develop cancer.  I have not been as diligent as I should have been, but I have worked hard at it, and I’m grateful for all the fulfilling memories.  6 months after my last surgery in December 2011, my most recent MRI in May 2012 was free of cancer.

The camera has followed me to give me focus and recall when I’ve lapsed into complacency.  Here is a chronicle of adventure and fulfillment in few words and many pictures.  Only a few of these photographs are presented in their natural light.  Most have been edited with Picasa to make the most of the color and contrast, and are presented in collages to maximize the impact.  Come celebrate with me!


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