Chilly Peak Hike with James Workman 24 May 2013

Saturday 24 May 2013 above Ogden, Utah
Hike with James Workman from 7:15am through noon for 4.75 hours from the North Ogden Divide Trailhead at 6,170′ elevation to a point on the ridge below Chilly Peak at about 8,470′ elevation, for a total gain of 2,300′ over approximately 9 miles, averaging 1.5mph. We ambled up the wide winding trail of switchbacks up the southern crest at a leisurely pace, and quickened the pace once we reached the flatter multi-purpose trail carved under the ridgeline, and eventually jogged along the grand vistas on the west facing trail leading to Chilly Peak. The day was glorious, and although we got a bit later start than usual, the heat of the late morning on the way out wasn’t overwhelming on this spring day as it will be later in the summer. Everything was green, green, green, and the pastoral views of Liberty, Eden, and Huntsville surrounding Pineview Reservoir were so amazing, as were the steep cliff-edge drop-offs to suburban North Ogden and the panorama of Wasatch front to the west, with the Great Salt Lake, Willard Bay, and the multiple impoundments of the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge clearly outlined, and the skyline dominated by Ben Lomond Peak to the north, and Mt Ogden to the south.

Ed Motola & James Workman on North Ogden Divide 24 May 2013
Glare and haze in pastoral Ogden Valley
Stunning sentinel
Ben Lomond Peak, monarch of Ogden
Views northwest and southwest from North Ogden Divide

Passing a lot of green annuals not yet blooming through dense slopes of maples with translucent emerald early leaves and rusty red scrub oaks with infant leaves, we first encountered big bright yellow stands of mature Mule Ears composite, and a few obnoxious Dyer’s Woads, which I broke off at the base. Violet-blue vetch, dark blue Larkspur, Scarlet Gilia, and cerulean Pentstemon dotted the open areas of the trail until the trail darkened under the north-east facing slopes under a thick stand of firs and some persistent snow banks turned away the lone motorcyclist who dared the trail that morning. Stopping to eat on the saddle below Chilly Peak where a narrow slot still bound in winter white plummets down off the ridge, we posed for pictures. Only half-way to Ben Lomond Peak, we made plans to return for an overnight backpack from Liberty to North Ogden and Willard peaks, and looping down to James’ home in Willard.

Ridge top and clifff edge views
Palette of gnarly trees, bleached scat, wallflower, aster, and paintbrush
Views from saddle below Chilly Peak

Hiking down along the ridge tops with their fields of multicolored lichen-crusted slate, we encountered a strong wind from the west, and festive fields of blazing yellow wallflowers and asters with red Indian Paintbrush and pink lady slipper. On the rounded crests of ridges recently liberated of their snowy blanket, the season is still early so there were thick stands of the nodding yellow Glacier Lily and recumbent blue-pink phlox. Miniature yellow Tumble Mustard and Nuttall’s Violets with their telltale striped throats, as well as rosettes of pastel blue forget-me-nots dominated the rockier ridge tops.

Nuttall's Violets and views north to Ben Lomond and Willard Peaks
Tumble Mustard and Forget-Me-Nots under Chilly Peak

Alpine carpets of Glacier Lily and Nuttall's Violet

Alpine carpets of Glacier Lily and Nuttall’s Violet

We talked about a lot of things, and I learned a lot about James penchant for the French Language, the Occitan language in particular, the medieval history of the Languedoc region, and the 12th century Albigensian Crusade against ascetic Catharism, which backfired and eventually resulted in the formation of the ascetic Dominican and Franciscan Orders. I also caught up his migrations from Medford, Oregon to Huntsville and Willard, Utah, his infant sons, George and Matthias, his recent graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in French from Utah State University in Logan, and plans to move to London, Ontario, Canada for five years of higher education to gain his Masters and PhD at the University of Western Ontario so that he can become a Professor of French. Hot footing it down past late morning families, young couples, YSA groups and scouts who oft inquired if made it all the way to the top, I replied that we went as far as we had wanted, as we both noticed that our feet were feeling the burn. Whereas James felt the steep climb on his calves on the way up, he was equally aware of the burn on his quads during the ridgeline descent, but it was all good exercise. I advised him to stay alert after this training hike and stay active the rest of the day, but after a drowsy hour-long drive home to Salt Lake, I retired to a 3-hour nap and spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing backgammon with Susan and Daniel. After so much demanding work lately, including working until 10pm the night before, I really enjoyed this Saturday holiday.


2 thoughts on “Chilly Peak Hike with James Workman 24 May 2013

  1. Thanks Ed. The pictures are beautiful. You are amazing. Hope all is well, This comes with all our love to you and your family. ☺♥

    Jim and Rosemary

  2. Ed, espero que ests muy bien de salud, el mismo deseo para Susie y para toda tu familia. Me da gusto que sepas disfrutar de tus caminatas por las montaas de Utah. En las fotos te ves muy bien, un poco ms robusto, pero muy contento. Yo te admiro por varias razones, sobre todo por tu tenacidad para encontrarle sentido a la vida, no obstante las dificultades tan serias que has tenido con el cncer. Hace aos que busco informacin sobre los ctaros de Languedoc y ahora que fuimos al Camino de Santigo encontr un libro sobre ellos, que an no leo… Es un tema fascinante, como lo pudiste comprobar con tu amigo James… Ed, Mary Paz y yo estamos separados desde hace casi dos meses. La relacin se ha ido deteriorando con el tiempo y ahora que conoc a Rosala Behar , nuestra relacin se deterior ms pues ella cree que es mi novia o mi amante, lo cual es falso. Es una buena amiga a la que yo aprecio mucho, pero nada ms. Y ahora en la Feria Internacional del Libro 2012 hice amistad con una seora francesa, que es profesora emrita de la Universidad de Massachusetts, Amherst. Estuvimos todo un da juntos en conferencias sobre autores y libros y sintonizamos rpidamente. Me dio su tarjeta de la Universidad y me dice: me escribes ? S, con mucho gusto Janine, le digo. Hemos cruzado algunos e mail y en uno de ellos le digo que voy a ir a visitarla a su casa de Leverett, cerca de Amherst, de paso hacia Ottawa donde vive Noem, nuestra hija ms pequea. Sera fabuloso, me dice. Del primero al 12 de agosto estar con ella en Leverett y luego estar un mes con Noem. Mary Paz tambin est invitada por parte de Janine, pero no quiere ir, dice que es asunto mo, que no est lista para acompaarme… Me gustara que me hicieras un comentario sobre este asunto… Te platico este asunto personal porque te tengo mucha confianza y eres una persona ntegra. Muchos saludos y abrazos para ti y para Susie. Beto. Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 03:26:34 +0000 To:

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