Empire State Beacon

Empire State beacon

Empire State beacon

Our trip to Europe started with a big Delta jetliner from Salt Lake City to New York City on Tuesday evening 6 May 2014. It was fairly full of an eclectic international crowd of many young and interesting people of all colors. Although I observed fancy headgear from turbans to yarmulkes, willowy red-headed performing arts women and striking black men, the couple in front of us dozing across two seats in a figure 8 with her perched atop of him, I was mostly numb from observing as the departure was time to rest from all the anxiety of lengthly preparations for a 5-week journey.

We were all smiles and confidence. Rachel snapped a hundred fly by cloud pictures, and has got to be nearing her card’s capacity already.

Landing at midnight, the transition at JFK went smoothly and a reserved shuttle brought us into Manhattan, bursting out of the Queensboro Midtown Tunnel, with the purple lit tower of the Empire State Building glowing like a beacon guiding us in. We wound through the east side from Rockefeller Center, 42nd Street, and Times Square before dropping us off on the Upper West Side at 2am.


One thought on “Empire State Beacon

  1. Wonderful pictures Ed! New York—- so different than SoCal. I’m praying that you,Susan, and Rachel have a safe and wonderful trip, and am looking forward to photo memories of your experience in Europe.

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