Rainy Day departure

Trader Joes Upper West Side

Trader Joes Upper West Side

We awoke again at 6:30am and took turns puttering around on the computer, showering and packing while Rachel dozed. Flor left for work early while I worked on emails and journal updates. They were both packed and ready to go when I started to pack. While they went below for Parisian Baguette breakfast treats, I showered and packed. I also spent some time ensuring that Flor’s laptop was able to boot and still run Microsoft Office applications. By the time I was ready, it was almost 11am, too late to meet Flor for an early lunch, so we left our bags in the apartment and went for another stroll in the wet streets with our raincoats on, enjoying a cooler morning after a light rain and the misty views of fog hovering over the skyscrapers.

Trader Joe’s was interesting with two underground levels. Chocolates and dried chile mango went into our stash for the long journey. We also snacked on some macarons right on the spot. Then we proceeded to explore Fairway Market where some unique Russian, onion, and sesame bagels found their way to form to another breakfast along with some wonderful ripe white peaches back at the apartment. The fare in the market was so impressive!

Street Signs

Street Signs

We finally left early and headed for the subway via Line 1 to Columbus Circle, transferring to Line B to Rockefeller Center. The Rockefeller Center Concourse wasn’t anything interesting that we could see, and was so warm that we doffed our raingear and headed outside to the fresh air, landing in a park across from the Villa Italia at 46th South between 5th and 6th Avenues where we had arranged a pickup by two luggage services. We passed the time guarding our packs and quietly observing the scene.

Hexagonal Waffle

Hexagonal Waffle

We were ready when our Go Airlink van arrived a little early, and off we went, amazed at how many fun eateries populated this 46th Street neighborhood under the gleaming tower comprised of hexagonal prisms of glass. After one more pickup at the Grand Central Station accompanied by a guided tour by the driver, we rambled off to JFK while I followed the route on my roadmap. There was so much more to see, but we saw plenty, and were grateful for a restful day of easy transition.

We’ve been at the airport for many hours, checking in where they took two of our carry-ons as checked baggage — leaving me a bit insecure should they not arrive — clearing security where they confiscated the blade out of Susan’s razor, and eating at Tigin Irish Pub where Rachel and I each enjoyed a large Irish Breakfast with eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast, and bangers, an assortment of sausages and ham.

It was a long day just getting to and waiting at the airport, which is why I prefer a late redeye or 6am flight. But, it was also nice to have a day without rush and a minimum of new impressions to digest. Yesterday was indeed full of impressions!

See you tomorrow! London is calling!


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