Eastbourne, Hastings & Beachy Head

Eastbourne Chapel

Eastbourne Chapel

Our Sabbath Day was relaxed. Jacky joined us as we departed by 9:00am for Eastbourne where we arrived at church early and enjoyed many friendly greetings. We introduced doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to her along the way, and enjoyed the familiarity of a Sacrament worship service. It wasn’t surprising that sleep apnea and weariness took over so I slept through most of the speakers like I usually do. But that familiar peaceful spirit prevailed.

Heart shell for my sweetheart

Heart shell for my sweetheart

Polished cockles on cobbles

Polished cockles on cobbles

After church, we took a long way round past the Edwardian Eastbourne waterfront and pier to reach Hastings (i.e., we got lost) and ate our picnic lunch in the car watching the windy shoreline. It must have surprised Jacky that we drove so far just to stay in the car and not engage in any activities. But just driving about and getting a look at the lay of the land, the towns, and chatting about our impressions was sufficient activity for the Sabbath Day.

Beachy Head

Beachy Head

These seaside towns all look similar, some more prosperous than others, but I still like the eclectic center of Newhaven’s working man’s port best. Returning with a detour around the graceful green downs of Beachy Head, I enjoyed a long nap at Jacky’s before launching into an evening of photo editing and blog submissions while Rachel stayed up late to watch Britain’s Got Talent with Jacky.

We enjoyed a great home cooked meal of roasted chicken and vegetables amidst much ongoing chatter about lives and cultural contrasts.

As with other days when I was focused on driving about, pictures will be few. But after the howling winds and frequent activities of the days preceding, this was indeed a welcome day of rest, with little concern, and the burdens of callings, clients, and children far from present cares.


One thought on “Eastbourne, Hastings & Beachy Head

  1. Looking at the picture of Susan and you and the heart shell, all I could think of was the saying, “Home is where the heart is”. No matter where your travels take you, you are home when you are together!

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